24 thoughts on “Gorillaz Live at Glastonbury festival.

  1. Why does Snoop enter for Clint Eastwood, but not for Plastic beach where it’s his verse… makes no sense. Just rippong off Deltron.

  2. Amoo gorillaz y este concierto lo amee la banda siempre sera mi favorita

  3. Have you ever been to a concert? Do you realize how fucking hard it is for short people to breath among us tall people? Have some respect. It’s not like they do it just to piss others off.

  4. Play this in the background while studying. Heaven. (except for the studying bit)

  5. Where the fuck was snoop at when the song he was in was played. Anyway he was awesome

  6. Small people got their way to see the concert on “[boy/girl]friends” shoulder, so why don’t you go find some spot for you? I’ve never had problems with this at all, not even when I was 14 (at my first concert). After all, they paid for their tickets, so if its comfortable for them to see the show at somebody’s shoulder, we have to accept it. Well, that is my point of view.

  7. Care to explain? That annoys me too, but a phone is a hell of a lot smaller than a person. At least you can still see the show.

  8. Why? Because they’re obstructing the view of a lot of people behind them who paid just as much for their tickets. If you’re too short to see over one person in front of you, you can always find another spot with a better view. On the other hand, no one is tall enough to see over two people stacked on top of one another.

    It’s rude as fuck.

  9. Oh shit, hahahaha. He does look like Hugh Laurie. I’m fucking dying over here.

  10. gorillaz overall is a beautiful band. their songs have so much meaning, they will always be my favorite band. gorillaz for life

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