25 thoughts on “Public Image Limited – Glastonbury Festival 2013 (Full Concert)

  1. What is considered their best album? First time listening to PIL and I’m
    kinda intrigued.

  2. A talentless oik surrounded by gifted musicians, what a shame for the

  3. Looks like Johnny has settled into capitalist domestic bliss, which he has
    been so anti for years. I do like PIL though.

  4. Mr. capitalist/”reality”show-contestant/boar-impersonator looks like a
    fucking crowd. To think this man once wore Westwood and had a fabulous
    speed-acquired bonestructure. Now he just fucks Teutonic heiresses and eats
    wurst by the skipload, by the look of things.

  5. This is way over the crowds head. They don’t know good music when they
    hear it.

  6. who is that playing that strange string instrument? anyone? anyone know
    what the hell it is? it can’t be keith levine could it?

  7. 1. This is Not A Love Song
    2. 6:50 …Shine!….
    3. 12:15 Worrior
    4. 21:00
    5. 27:00 Swan Lake
    6. 34:08 Public Image
    7. 37:00 Rise
    8. 43:40 Death Disco

  8. I wasn’t in the punk queue and couldn’t follow their sounds “back then”,
    but these blokes have stayed with their core. Im glad to hear this concert
    was well received by the crowd. It was a sunny day and John realizes that
    the sun should be celebrated. there was a sunny tone….never heard that in
    the past.

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