23 thoughts on “V Festival 2012

  1. THE KILLERS <3 best thing to happen to V this year 🙂 they are amazing. FUCK the rest of the shit there, they should all watch and learn when TK tear up the stage.

  2. There’s a few gems in there, but really? this is really disappointing compared to years past.

  3. Im going this year 🙂 soo excited! something to look forward too after all my boooring exams are over and yay I friking love the killers and noel gallagher

  4. GOD Please put Foster The People & The Vaccines in the next 40 artists to be announced…

  5. when you put it that way… it is a good line up, shame 2012 fell below 2011’s high standards

  6. Can’t wait, my first year going! Have to say, considering a lot of younger people go, there are a lot of older bands.. Guess there’s nothing wrong with variation though! And it pisses me off how people say “oh the line up’s shit, that’s not real music” I’d rather be there than sat at home to be honest! And who are they to say what “real” music is? I prefer more alternative music but I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

  7. pissed off seriously as i chose Isle of white fest over V this year cos i wanted to see Noel G

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