7 thoughts on “David Icke interviewed at Bestival festival by Richard Strange

  1. Well done David bloody brilliant, as usual. Strange, wake up you moron and stop embarrassing yourself. What a lame attempt at skewing the interview, what are you thinking anyway, don’t you want to live in freedom?? incredible..

    “Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.” Dick Strange take note… be sure to send me a postcard from the FEMA camp

  2. Hr. Strange tried to come across intelligent by immitating the tactics of the media, Misdirect, interrupt, accuse & lable.

    This has been your Finest Hour David!

    Great Job!

    Please keep up the good fight for all humanity!

  3. I remember Cameron saying he was going to roll back the ‘civil liberty eroding’ laws passed by the previous government. What’s happened? We now have the most intrusive laws EVER. No warrants required to snoop on your private emails and everything you ever do on the internet? Different government, same shit.

  4. He’s doing what he’s always done. Doing his best to spread his message in spite of people who don’t want to hear it. No, doing it BECAUSE of the people who don’t want to hear it. Changing minds and opinions. Speaking sense.

  5. I applaud him for doing the talk, however, it was clearly set to be an interview style, and this means question and answer format. Made for media sound bites will never suit that volume of information he presents…and to be fair to Mr Strange he clearly comes from that arena so he’s not used to any other way of behaving.. IMO at least

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