Fancy (Cover) – The Killers @ V Festival 2014

Songs Festivals Movie Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Fancy (Cover) – The Killers @ V Festival 2014”

  1. xinkoa says:

    I love The Killers, but I can’t stand the drummer, never have.

  2. heather23renae says:

    I need them to cover the whole damn song!

  3. Laura Neuzeth says:

    Yesssssss! This was fucking great. I wish they would have done this at
    Outside Lands though.

  4. keith kat says:

    ronnie is awesome!

  5. Miss Atomic Bomb says:

    Ronnie is the best!!!!!

  6. George Kanze says:

    *draw me like one of your French girls*

  7. Laura-Rose Layden says:

    This is so perfect.

  8. Alex Park says:

    haha great! love ron!!!!!

  9. Tipene Ruhi says:

    rolling stone just shared your… vid nice!!

  10. giovany belo says:


  11. dawni30 says:

    Ahhhaaaaa! I think it’s 100 times better than the original!!! Hysterical!

  12. TheSavageBoatHouse says:

    I was hoping they’d go all out, I’d love to see Brandon chant “FIRST THINGS

    Brandon is such an epic performer.

  13. Bruna Mendes says:

    Ronnie 3 hahaha

  14. Tracey Rees says:

    Ronni vannucci is just class! 

  15. giabrand1 says:

    I love you Ronnie!!! :D

  16. Billy Watts says:

    like there wont be any blood or anything this time

  17. NeonTiger2015 says:

    Ronnie’s the best! :)

  18. Andres E. Ruiz Glez says:

    OMG!!! LOL

  19. Giovanni Bonham says:

    Fancy (Cover) – The Killers @ V Festival 2014


  20. Liza Candelario says:

    hahaha this made my day, they’re awesome <3

  21. Erzasama says:

    Amazing. :3

  22. Antonio Aguilar says:

    Son geniales. 

  23. Tracey Rees says:

    Ronni vannucci is just class! 

  24. Billy Watts says:

    my wank is going to be so easy tonight 

  25. julio hernandez says:

    i want a new album ,one like day & age ,not like that sleeping pill called
    battle born