25 thoughts on “Glastonbury 2009 Official Registration Film

  1. sooooooooo sad glasto’s not on this year, would’ve been great, some awesome bands are/ hav released new albums recently, soo they would hav all probs have been there :'(

  2. Not enough toilets. They’re all going to London for the Olympics :/

    It’ll have to be Reading for me next year.

  3. Everybody on the Planet should go to this festival once in their lifetime….

  4. your love it, i`ll be there for the fifth time this year, you can come camp with me and all my mates

  5. Last year was my first festival ever and I picked a good’un for it! Shame I couldn’t get tickets for this year. Never mind 🙂

  6. I cannot wait for this year 🙂
    it’s my first festival and I don’t think I could have picked a better one to go to!
    I really am excited xx

  7. This year is gonna be awesome 😀
    Muse, Stevie wonder and vampire weekend :O Gonna be special <3

  8. watching this i get the giddy butterflies usually reserved for the 2 months running up to the festival, this year is going to be amazing i feel it in my fricking waters

  9. aw man, thank you!
    and yeah, that’s who i was talking about. much appreciated.

  10. Hi mate. It’s Crystal Castles if you’re talking about the girl leaning on the stage truss.

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