25 thoughts on “SEX ON FIRE – KINGS OF LEON – LIVE – V festival 2010 – HQ video

  1. dont mind that useless troll kissdrumr.he is a lying faggot spends his time trolling from video to video talking like hes a big man but all he is is a useless pan handling faggot that spends his time whining from video to video.just google his name and you will see the countless videos he trolls.

  2. This SMILE of glory 0:22 ….. Heineken Festival Poland July 2013 can t wait 🙂

  3. Great voice and sound, but the song title was not a “happy” choice, in some languages, namely mine, portuguese lol

  4. They have the most idiotic and cheesy lyrics. I guess it’s suppose to mean that the sex is hot? And the rest of the words I can’t understand because all he can do is mumble when he sings ……

  5. Ive never seen anyone have to look at the guitar so much. Like he doesnt know what he’s doing & is trying so hard to remember the 2 simple chords he’s playing over & over again LMAO!!!!!!! LAME!!!!!!

  6. U lost once u defended this gay ass band & Ive owned u ever since take ur own advice I got plenty a life thanks 🙂

  7. What does sex on fire even mean? Fiery sex? Having sex while on fire? Having sex with fire?

  8. Wow what a denial complex u have. U been mad the whole time with the insults, and flat out wrong statements of metal musicianship and showmanship. I won from my 1st comment. I haven’t been “worked up ” ever. Just been responding to ur idiocy and blah blah rants. My statements aren’t opinions that arent facts. Every bit of what I have said is fact so ur reference of dogmatic is not well used here imbecile. Please get an education & better vocabulary that u actually may understand the meanings to.

  9. Yeah im losing, ok the band ur supporting is a memory and I’m losing LMAO!!!! And was around a whole 5 mins of fame. Why don’t you take ur own advice and not respond its getting sad how bad I own u 🙂

  10. Being that you put until made your point irrelevant. And no im not upset at all I dont get mad, I cant. And it would be stupid to get mad over a comment. And for you to get so worked up over it just shows more of your dogmatic character. Either way, im done here. Call it a win if that makes you feel beter about yourself. Good day. 🙂

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