SEX ON FIRE – KINGS OF LEON – LIVE – V festival 2010 – HQ video

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25 Responses to “SEX ON FIRE – KINGS OF LEON – LIVE – V festival 2010 – HQ video”

  1. HVFran4esko says:


  2. Andreas Allmannsberger says:



  3. Joana Silva says:

    awesome, I stay on fire

  4. amarparavivir says:

    jeahhhhhh !!!! pjona!!

  5. 77paulinag says:

    HELL YEAH! Jest jakiś Polak/Polka znający/a się na dobrym graniu. Pjona!

  6. maria22162 says:

    it’s amazing !!

  7. Emre MEMILI says:

    Respect from Turkey

  8. Giampiero Nencini says:

    Thank you, he was being very disrespectful and annoying.

  9. bling doobie says:

    lick my scrotum kissdrumr you queer !!

  10. bling doobie says:

    dont mind that useless troll kissdrumr.he is a lying faggot spends his time trolling from video to video talking like hes a big man but all he is is a useless pan handling faggot that spends his time whining from video to video.just google his name and you will see the countless videos he trolls.

  11. amarparavivir says:

    This SMILE of glory 0:22 ….. Heineken Festival Poland July 2013 can t wait 🙂

  12. nm72pc says:

    Great voice and sound, but the song title was not a “happy” choice, in some languages, namely mine, portuguese lol

  13. Maja Baranowska says:


  14. ffafii says:

    an amazing sex 🙂 

  15. djblslx says:


  16. amarparavivir says:

    Czy mogę rzec – JA PIERDOLE!!! AMAZING

  17. kissdrumr says:

    They have the most idiotic and cheesy lyrics. I guess it’s suppose to mean that the sex is hot? And the rest of the words I can’t understand because all he can do is mumble when he sings ……

  18. kissdrumr says:

    Ive never seen anyone have to look at the guitar so much. Like he doesnt know what he’s doing & is trying so hard to remember the 2 simple chords he’s playing over & over again LMAO!!!!!!! LAME!!!!!!

  19. kissdrumr says:

    U lost once u defended this gay ass band & Ive owned u ever since take ur own advice I got plenty a life thanks 🙂

  20. Giampiero Nencini says:

    Dude, stop responding, you. are. losing.

  21. SlyNinjaMonk says:

    What does sex on fire even mean? Fiery sex? Having sex while on fire? Having sex with fire?

  22. kissdrumr says:

    Wow what a denial complex u have. U been mad the whole time with the insults, and flat out wrong statements of metal musicianship and showmanship. I won from my 1st comment. I haven’t been “worked up ” ever. Just been responding to ur idiocy and blah blah rants. My statements aren’t opinions that arent facts. Every bit of what I have said is fact so ur reference of dogmatic is not well used here imbecile. Please get an education & better vocabulary that u actually may understand the meanings to.

  23. kissdrumr says:

    Yeah im losing, ok the band ur supporting is a memory and I’m losing LMAO!!!! And was around a whole 5 mins of fame. Why don’t you take ur own advice and not respond its getting sad how bad I own u 🙂

  24. Giampiero Nencini says:

    Dude stop responding…you’re losing, get a life.

  25. Artisian1 says:

    Being that you put until made your point irrelevant. And no im not upset at all I dont get mad, I cant. And it would be stupid to get mad over a comment. And for you to get so worked up over it just shows more of your dogmatic character. Either way, im done here. Call it a win if that makes you feel beter about yourself. Good day. 🙂