Performance Photography

Rock, Drama, Jazz, Soul, Poetry readings, Church music, Orchestra, Gospel, or Country among others can be a real pleasure to a photographer. You would require lots of preparation: your seating location and the necessary permissions.

In most entertainment facilities (even where you have to have table and chair hire) flashes are not allowed you will have to use very slow shutter speed and a wide aperture as of course the light is not going to be great. A telephoto will be very practical and a steady support for your camera, be it a monopod or a tripod. Shoot at the widest aperture (f 2.8) and keep the shutter on 1/125.

Address appropriately and accordingly, not only for your success but also for the benefit of other patrons and the performers.

Light Graffiti,

You will need a partner for this experiment, which by the way, is a lot of fun. Your knowledge of how to capture long exposures is significant for the results of this type of photography.

Your partner will stand in front of you with a LED flash light and the space has to be pitch dark. He will begin to draw in the air and because you will shoot very quickly, the camera won’t take your partner, rather just the light that stays behind. Remember that longer shutter speed is the secret!

Enjoy it.