24 thoughts on “The Verve – (HD)(Live)(Glastonbury 2008 Festival)(Full Concert)720p

  1. The first question my little brother asked when he saw The Verve for the first time: Does Samwise Gamgee play the guitar? :DD
    (I was listening to Life’s an Ocean and he was curious about them because that song “sounded like outer space” 🙂

  2. Ill never forget that night.. it was them or groove armada, both headlining their respective venues. g.a. in one the main dance tents and these on the pyramid stage. hard choice. most of us watched this.. and all of us that did were so glad we did. unforgettable atmosphere.. it’s now one of the verve’s iconic gigs. like faithless at alexandra palace.. 🙂 atmosphere was fucking amazing although im not ruling out that something I must have eaten may have tricked me into thinking this hahaaa

  3. ashcroft is one of those rare singers who actually sounds as good live as on record. nice.

  4. absolutely MAGIC. Amazing audio, video, voice, fans..i need a time machine to be there…

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