25 thoughts on “U2 – Full Concert (HD) in Live At Glastonbury Festival 2011

  1. the one thing that pissed me off´╗┐ was they write glastonbury song for glastonbury and dont play it, i love that song

  2. I do not understand why some people are so expert instead of playing in front of 30,000 people every night loses time to comment and throw mud on one of the most admired and respected bands of all time.
    if you are so good at making you all wait for the next year´╗┐ glastonbury .. yes .. of course

  3. Well it’s certainly not Larry Mullin eh?´╗┐ A wind up cuddly toy could play drums better.

  4. Amazing sound, amazing band. U2 its my favorite band of all time. But Bono needs to stop dancing and start singing´╗┐ more becouse sometimes he needs that extra air to sing. I know hes getting older but to much transpiration can ruined the best part of the song

  5. Even Better Than The Real Thing
    The Fly
    Mysterious Ways / Independent Women
    Until The End Of The World
    Jerusalem / Where The Streets Have No Name / All You Need Is Love
    I Will Follow
    I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For / Movin’ On Up
    Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
    Beautiful Day / Rain
    Get On Your Boots´╗┐ / She Loves You
    Sunday Bloody Sunday
    Bad / Jerusalem
    With Or Without You / Love Will Tear Us Apart
    Yellow / Moment Of Surrender
    Out Of Control

  6. Yes, invited by some idiot´╗┐ who is clearly blinded by many by his vastly overrated use of effects. And eddie vedder is a vocalist so your logic is retarded. Also, my username has absolutely nothing to do with this video and you know it.

  7. Diese Musik ist eine Offenbarung, trifft ins Herz, geht ins Blut, l├Ą├čt schweben, fliegen … makes you feel like you´╗┐ can fly.

  8. His use of effects is part of his style they don’t define him as a song writer. Also notice he was invited to participate in the filming of It Might Get Loud not Eddy Vedder. The Edge is and always will be the man effects or not.

  9. I beg your pardon…? I was making that exact same point but´╗┐ with considerably better language and some light irony.

  10. why don’t you fuck off and see a bieber of gaga concert while you still can? Beause these modern shit artist won’t last for 30 years, because only quality survives, and that’s why bands like U2 wil keep on playing for at least another 15 years, and there music wil still be played in´╗┐ another 30 years from now, so who are you to dare to acuse them from lack of crativity, you tasteless moron?

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