25 thoughts on “V Festival 2013

  1. Have you got your #VFestival ticket yet? This brand new exclusive video
    juuuust might sway you…

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  3. i wish i was going!! the line up looks incredible. i would love to go see
    Jessie J, Emeli Sande, Beyonce and Ellie Goulding!! <3

  4. Single ladies * Upgrade you * Crazy in Love * Halo * Best Thing I Never Had
    * Run the World * Love on Top * Countdown * Sweet Dreams * Diva * 1+1 *
    Schoolin’ Life

  5. single ladies, crazy in love, halo, ringthe alarm, run the worl(girls),
    countdown, if i were a boy, diva , upgrade u, love on top, best thing i
    never had, schoolin’ life and freaknum dress!!!!!

  6. Halo,Single Ladies, Crazy In Love,Best Thing I Never Had, Run The
    World(Girls), Love On Top, Upgrade U, Irreplaceable, Diva, Sweet Dreams,
    1+1. Please pick me I am a huge fan who’s life ambition would be complete
    if I got a VIP ticket!!

  7. Single Ladies Halo Love on Top Run the World Best Thing I Never Had Revel
    Performance Upgrade You Countdown Diva Hope I got them all 🙂

  8. Single ladies, upgrade you, crazy in love, halo, run the world (girls),
    countdown, diva, love on top, best thing I never had, 1+1, party, schoolin

  9. Am I in the draw for saying: Sex on Fire, Use Somebody, Charmer, King of
    the Rodeo and Molly’s Chambers? 😉

  10. Single Ladies, Crazy in Love, Upgrade U, Run the world, Countdown, Halo,
    Best thing i never had, Diva, Love on top, Sweet dreams, 1+1 and Party and
    Schoolin life (Live at Revel)

  11. Single Ladies [Put A Ring On It], Upgrade U (feat. Jay Z), Crazy In Love
    (feat. Jay Z), Dejá Vù (feat Jay Z), Halo, Party (Live @ Revel), Run The
    World (Girls), Countdown, 1+1 (Live @ Revel), Diva, Schoolin’ Life (Live @
    Revel), Love On Top, Best Thing I Never Had. (Ones used more than others.)

  12. Beyoncé videos: Single Ladies, Upgrade U, Crazy in Love, Halo, Run the
    World, Countdown, 1+1 (Live at Revel), Diva, Schoolin’ Life (Live at
    Revel), Love on Top, Best Thing I Never Had.

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